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Performance Anxiety

Article 28.05.2012, 04:32

I'd like to take a moment to share what has worked for me with performance anxiety.  Hopefully others will find something to try out!  Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to add. STEP 1: BEFORE THE BIG DAY Obviously, you want to walk on stage prepared.  Simple things like playing your piece once through every day and knowing the music are so important.  Other helpful things are playing in other rooms of your house or outside to adjust your ear to various ...

Yellow Cello Music donating 10% to non-profits!

Article 23.05.2012, 14:30

Part of my goal with Yellow Cello Music has always been to give back to the musical community.  As of early May, YCM had recouped its business start up costs, and so from now on, 10% of all sales (after MusicaNeo's commission) will go to a music related non-profit!  For the rest of 2012, the selected non-profit will be IMSLP ( ).  They have been a fantastic source and resource for me and my arranging. Yellow Cello Music also made a donation to Cellospeak and to The ...

Carolina in the Morning Premiered at Cello Chill in North Carolina!

Article 18.04.2012, 14:52

Cello Chill is a new group for adult amateur cellists.  They had a six day workshop in early April at a beautiful retreat in western North Carolina called Wildacres.  The lead instructor was Nancy Baun, who is a wonderful teacher and if she is ever in your area you should jump on the chance to work with her!  Events like these are hard to find for adult amateurs, and give people an oppportunity to play and talk cello with fellow enthusiasts.  For more information about Cello ...

Learning Tenor and Treble Clef on the Cello

Article 24.03.2012, 13:53

Many beginners are nervous about tenor and treble clefs, and feel apprehensive about playing "way up there".  (Confession: I was, too.)  When I found out that the ranges of bass, tenor and treble overlap, and that I had already been playing in the lower part of the tenor and treble ranges, I felt so much better! I've created a simple page to help people feel better about tenor and treble clefs.  It is available free here at MusicaNeo.  Feel free to copy it or pass it along to ...

February Yellow Cello Music Concerts!

Article 20.03.2012, 15:17

Yellow Cello Music was featured at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Cellopaloosa IV, featuring Joel Krosnick!  A cello ensemble of 107 players, ranging in age from 7 to 85, played three pieces from the YCM collection.  Hopefully a video is coming soon on Youtube! The Bon Air Chamber Ensemble cello quartet performed YCM music today at the Richmond Public Library’s Gellman Room concert series.  More to come!

Hymns arranged for four cellos

Article 25.02.2012, 23:50

I've been making arrangements of classic hymns for four cellos. Why? Hymns are already in four parts and can be read by many cellists, so why create this book?  Here are some of the reasons: Hymnals don’t sit well on music stands, and xeroxed hymnal pages usually aren’t very nice to read from. Who wants to play in Ab major, when it’s so much nicer to play in G? In vocal music, slurs are only used for melismas (singing one syllable with more than one note).  This sounds ...

Sight Reading - Pleasure or Pain?

Article 09.09.2011, 18:21

When most beginners think about sight reading, they imagine playing the next piece in their study book.  It is a little harder than anything they've played before.  Or other people might imagine the pieces they throw at you during auditions.  This is a type of sight reading that is just plain work and is no fun at all! When people sight read for pleasure, they don't pick music at their difficulty level.   They pick pieces that they can read through without stopping a lot.  ...