All cello all the time! Arrangements for duos, quartets, ensembles.


Yellow Cello Music

     I started my eclectic musical life on the clarinet (like a lot of people) at 10 years old.  I played through college and have a Bachelor of Music degree from Boston University.  Like a lot of people, I realized that making a living making music is extremely difficult!

     I spent the next 25 years working in electronics, which I enjoyed, but music has remained a big part of my life.  I spent about 8 years as a singer/songwriter on acoustic guitar (perhaps I'll post some of those songs some day).  Then I missed playing classical music too much and decided to take up the viola.

     After about 3 years on the viola, I realized that my body was not able to stand holding a large instrument under my chin for long periods of time (how do people do it!).  A friend suggested that I try the cello, and I've been hooked ever since.

     I believe that my musical background, and the fact that I started cello late in life help me with my arrangements of novice cello quartets.  I can still easily remember what it felt like to be a beginner, unlike most people who started playing as children.  Hope you enjoy my music!

     PS - I've also dabbled in piano, alto sax, recorder, and vielle.