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Learning Tenor and Treble Clef on the Cello

Article 24.03.2012 13:53

Learning tenor and treble clef on the cello - a discussion.

Many beginners are nervous about tenor and treble clefs, and feel apprehensive about playing "way up there".  (Confession: I was, too.)  When I found out that the ranges of bass, tenor and treble overlap, and that I had already been playing in the lower part of the tenor and treble ranges, I felt so much better!

I've created a simple page to help people feel better about tenor and treble clefs.  It is available free here at MusicaNeo.  Feel free to copy it or pass it along to others! 

I've got some other ideas for technique studies which I will be working on and posting at MusicaNeo soon (free!).

Happy Celloing!

If you're trying to find this sheet, cut and paste the URL below in your browser (it's not a link).


Yellow Cello Music

You can find the Technique Sheet here:

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