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Cellospeak 2012

Article 13.08.2012 22:49

Yellow Cello Music at Cellospeak 2012, plus an unusual cello video.

Cellospeak 2012 had two week-long workshops for adult amateur cellists.  (  Fun for all!  Amazing faculty and the opportunity for amateur cellists to eat, breathe and sleep cello in an incredibly supportive environment.

Several groups played Yellow Cello Music arrangements during the week, including a performance of Carolina in the Morning by all the North Carolina participants.   Music was also for sale during the two weeks, with part of the proceeds benefitting Cellospeak.

There was also an unusual performance for solo cello, with Gary Fitzgerald at the piano.  We often have fun moments at "camp", and we were having fun all week teasing one of the faculty who had her foot in a cast.  This is one of the pranks on the broken foot theme:


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