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Charity of the year 2018

Artigo 06.01.2018 18:22

For 2018, I have chosen the Richmond Concert Band Society.

Each year, 10% of the the money earned by Yellow Cello Music is donated to a music charity in the Richmond, Virginia area.   Not only do they give amateur adults a place to play, they give free concerts to the public.  But what makes them really special is this (from their website):

"The Band provides one concert each year themed "Old Instruments for Young Hands". Each year we ask people attending the concert to bring old used instruments they no longer play and donate them to the Band.  The Band, in turn, has them fixed and donates them to the Richmond Public School music program.  Over the past 12-years the Band has collected, restored, and donated over 400 instruments for students who can neither afford to purchase nor rent an instrument."

What a great idea!


Yellow Cello Music

Forgot the name of the group! The Richmond Concert Band

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