Yellow Cello Music

All cello all the time! Arrangements for duos, quartets, ensembles.
Yellow Cello Music

This is my website for everything related to Yellow Cello Music.  Welcome!  I create music for players of all levels:

  • For all players: every trio, quartet and ensemble piece comes with a complete score. The score and each part have measure numbers and all but the shortest pieces have rehearsal letters.
  • For beginner cellists:  my goal is to create pieces that are easy enough to play that beginners can start thinking about ensemble playing without needing to worry about each note.  For the simplest pieces, there is no shifting and generally no extensions. 
  • For intermediate to advanced cellists: my cello duets and quartets typically have the melody line in all the parts. You won't be bored on part 3!   I make every effort to create parts that are playable and lay nicely on the cello.

I also create custom arrangements starting as low as $30 USD.

Please feel free to audio/video record or stream or perform my music in any way at any time.  No performance license needed.  I want people to just have fun!

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Charity of the year 2024 - Mr Fuller's music class in Richmond, Virginia

Artigo 17.01.2024

Each year, I donate 15% of the money I make selling music and donate it to a local music making organization in the Richmond, Virginia area.  This year, I am supporting Mr. Fuller's music class at Henderson Middle School.  I found out through ...

Charity of the Year 2023 - The Richmond Symphony

Artigo 05.01.2023

15% of all of my sales (after commissions) is donated each year.  Includes sales from MusicaNeo and other places where I sell my arrangements.

Charity of the year for 2022 - Capitol Opera Richmond

Artigo 20.01.2022

Each year, I donate 15% (an increase from the old 10%!) of the money received from selling music at MusicaNeo and other places to a local musical charity.  For 2022, I have chosen Capitol Opera Richmond.  It is a very new, very small, all ...