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Charity of the year 2019

Artigo 10.03.2019, 00:44

I donate 10% of the money received from MusicaNeo  to a local musical charity each year.  For 2019, I have chosen IMSLP (The International Music Score Library Project).  IMSLP had been a fabulous resource for me, both as an arranger and a player.  (OK, they're not exactly local!) I also donate money every year to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and the Virginia Opera and the Chamber Music Society of Central Virginia.

Charity of the year 2018

Artigo 06.01.2018, 18:22

Each year, 10% of the the money earned by Yellow Cello Music is donated to a music charity in the Richmond, Virginia area.   Not only do they give amateur adults a place to play, they give free concerts to the public.  But what makes them really special is this (from their website): "The Band provides one concert each year themed "Old Instruments for Young Hands". Each year we ask people attending the concert to bring old used instruments they no longer play and donate them to the ...

Charity of the year 2017

Artigo 12.02.2017, 17:07

I donate 10% of the money received from MusicaNeo and my other publishing and transcription work to a local musical charity each year.  For 2017, I have chosen Classical Revolution RVA (  Their motto: "Our goal is to integrate classical music with Richmond’s vibrant music scene by taking this universal art form out of its glass case and into local bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries."

Charity of the Year 2016

Artigo 11.03.2016, 22:29

10% of all sales, after MusicaNeo's commission, will go to CMSCVA.  Fantastic players, great concerts!

Charity of the Year for 2015

Artigo 23.02.2015, 22:25

For 2015, 10% of all sales of Yellow Cello Music will go to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. Please support your local musical organizations.  Go to a concert!  Bring a friend!

Yellow Cello Moves to Musicaneo

Artigo 02.12.2014, 14:01

Moving forward, my music will only be available in pdf form on the internet, here at Musicaneo.  Printed music will still be available at physical sites such as Cellospeak's annual workshop.  Please contact me if you need more information.  Still the same music, with more coming soon! Current project: a medley of music from Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, arranged for cello ensemble.

Cellospeak 2012

Artigo 13.08.2012, 22:49

Cellospeak 2012 had two week-long workshops for adult amateur cellists.  ( )  Fun for all!  Amazing faculty and the opportunity for amateur cellists to eat, breathe and sleep cello in an incredibly supportive environment. Several groups played Yellow Cello Music arrangements during the week, including a performance of Carolina in the Morning by all the North Carolina participants.   Music was also for sale during the two weeks, with part of the ...

Performance Anxiety

Artigo 28.05.2012, 04:32

I'd like to take a moment to share what has worked for me with performance anxiety.  Hopefully others will find something to try out!  Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to add. STEP 1: BEFORE THE BIG DAY Obviously, you want to walk on stage prepared.  Simple things like playing your piece once through every day and knowing the music are so important.  Other helpful things are playing in other rooms of your house or outside to adjust your ear to various ...

Yellow Cello Music donating 10% to non-profits!

Artigo 23.05.2012, 14:30

Part of my goal with Yellow Cello Music has always been to give back to the musical community.  As of early May, YCM had recouped its business start up costs, and so from now on, 10% of all sales (after MusicaNeo's commission) will go to a music related non-profit!  For the rest of 2012, the selected non-profit will be IMSLP ( ).  They have been a fantastic source and resource for me and my arranging. Yellow Cello Music also made a donation to Cellospeak and to The ...

Carolina in the Morning Premiered at Cello Chill in North Carolina!

Artigo 18.04.2012, 14:52

Cello Chill is a new group for adult amateur cellists.  They had a six day workshop in early April at a beautiful retreat in western North Carolina called Wildacres.  The lead instructor was Nancy Baun, who is a wonderful teacher and if she is ever in your area you should jump on the chance to work with her!  Events like these are hard to find for adult amateurs, and give people an oppportunity to play and talk cello with fellow enthusiasts.  For more information about Cello ...