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Charity of the Year 2020 - ACE

Статья 28.01.2020 14:51

Each year, I donate 10% of the money received from selling music at MusicaNeo and other places to a local musical charity.  For 2020, I have chosen ACE (the Atlantic Chamber Ensemble).  ACE gives concerts that are creatively programmed, with the aim of getting more people out to classical music concerts.

I also donate money each year to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, the Virginia Opera and the Chamber Music Society of Central Virginia.

About ACE

Having launched our inaugural season in the fall of 2011, we are a dynamic group of young professional musicians based in Richmond, Virginia comprised of members of the Richmond Symphony and faculty members at institutions such as Virginia Commonwealth University, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Richmond.

While showcasing the talent of the Richmond area on the national stage through recording and touring, our mission is to build new kinds of connections with the people of our community via innovative programming, formats, venues, and community interaction.


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