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Ave Maria for 8 Intermediate/Advanced Cellists (cello octet)

ID: SM-000177734
ComposerTomás Luis de Victoria
Arranger Yellow Cello Music
PublisherYellow Cello Music
Genre Classical / Arrangement
Key A minor
Instrumentation Cello
Scored forOctet
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Difficulty Medium
Description A beautiful slow piece, originally for two four-voice choirs. If playing this, try to sit in two choirs so you can hear them "talk" to each other.

Cello 1/Cello 4: Entirely in treble clef
Cello 2/Cello 5: Entirely in tenor clef
Cello 3/Cello 6: Bass clef, shifting up to second position
Cello 4/Cello 8: Bass clef, first position

Cello 3,4,6,8 could be played by advanced beginners with excellent counting skills. All parts are rhythmically independent and there is a meter change.
Upload date 08.01.2013


Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year.
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