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Sight Reading - Pleasure or Pain?

Article 09.09.2011 18:21

When most beginners think about sight reading, they imagine playing the next piece in their study book.  It is a little harder than anything they've played before.  Or other people might imagine the pieces they throw at you during auditions.  This is a type of sight reading that is just plain work and is no fun at all!

When people sight read for pleasure, they don't pick music at their difficulty level.  They pick pieces that they can read through without stopping a lot.  This is fun!  You can relax and just enjoy playing. 

One of my goals in arranging is to create music for four cellos that is super easy.  So easy that even people just starting out on the cello can see what it is like to have fun and while playing.

Here is one more recommendation for people who are just starting to play in cello quartets: find some very easy duets (often found in technique books) and play two on each part.  You've got the support of the other person to help you in case you get lost, and you don't feel like you're playing a solo.


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